Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Friend

A true friend never walks away
A true will always stay
A true friend looks out for you

A true friend will guard your secrets
Like a precious gift
A true friend is there for you
To give you a helpful lift

A true friend tries to make you smile
Tries to replace that frown
They may not always succeed
But they rarely let you down

These arms for you are open
This heart for you does care
And when I think you need me
I’ll try to always be there

I’ll listen to your fears
I promise not to laugh
Comfort your falling tears
I’ll make this friendship last

I’ll keep you near to my heart
I’ll always hold you dear
Even when we’re miles apart
Even when you’re here

I hope I am to you
Everything you are to me
For the friendship we have
Is a special one indeed.

Is It Really Love?

Is it really love?
or is it just a passing feeling
am I not convinced?
a bit uncertain of the feeling
Is it the way you make me feel?
so warm with joy and laughter
or could it be the happiness
from moments spent together
The lasting bliss, the kiss I miss,
The sweetest thoughts without a touch
The heart that hurts and bears a scar
thinking how far away you are
You’re on my mind most of the day
And at night I go to bed and pray
An angel soft and gentle as you
Would make my sweetest dreams come true
Thinking about you alone or in class
Writing your name on my bathroom window glass
Wishing you were here
To love hold and care
Wishing I had you with me
To cherish and to stare
Into your soft and beautiful eyes
As we both travel to the skies
And mingle with the stars above
But is it really love?

Put Them On The List

"A friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of nature."--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Friends are priceless gems that enrich our lives beyond measure. Without friends, there would be nobody with whom to share our joys and our heartaches. There would be nobody with whom to communicate our most private thoughts. A life without friends would be a very empty life.
Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The happiest moments of my life have been in the flow of affection among friends." Few people in the history of mankind have had the superb talents and accomplishments of Jefferson. Yet, this very extraordinary man considered the times he spent with friends the happiest moments of his life. Is the same not true for all of us?
If we all sat down to make a list of our most important and valuable assets, many of us would be inclined to put material things like possessions and careers at the top of the list. Some of us might even forget to include friends among our assets. But some people contend that, "Friends are everything." Perhaps, in a large sense, they are.
Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "A friend is a present you give yourself." John Keats confessed, "I would not live without the love of my friends." Friendship is an asset that is not related to one’s financial wealth. Some of the "poorest" people have very close friends, and financial wealth is more likely to be a hindrance than a help in developing true friendships. Unlike other assets, friendship is within the reach of every living person. It takes time and work to develop good friendships, but everything worth having requires effort.
Perhaps it behooves us all to take inventory of our friends. If we are well blessed with good friends, shouldn’t we be careful not to take them for granted? And, if we feel that we have too few friends, wouldn’t it make sense to work just a little harder at developing friendships? Maybe one of our major goals in life should be to strive to enjoy the company of our fellow human beings as much as possible.
Friends come in all sizes and ages. We need not restrict our attempts to develop new friends to people our own age. Some of the best and most productive friendships are between the very young and the very old. Each age group has so much to offer other age groups. The wisdom of the elderly can enlighten their juniors, and the enthusiasm of the young is a source of rejuvenation for seniors. And we must never forget that our very best friends are often members of our own family.

Life Is Art

"Life is art - art is life. I just looked out my window to see the most beautiful artwork, the crystals forming over my window - beautiful… Just looking around is art - the life we have is art - we are the expression of an amazing artist."

When you look at the ice crystals then your perception makes art out of it, but it is you and not the crystals, these by themselves are not art, they are formed by an automatic process due to some related reactions which belong to nature laws. If something is beautiful or not depends on your stored images build up through many different influences during your life; individually changing due to culture, belief system, education, society, fashion, etc. For one a big fat woman is beautiful, for another a small skinny one. One woman with small breasts goes through a beauty operation to get big breasts while another woman with big breasts let an operation make her breasts small. All depending on the image of beauty one has.

Just looking around is not art. Otherwise all people with eyes would be artists. In reality people are looking but they are not seeing. Most people are blind even with open eyes. To be an artist or to see art - only an artist can see art - one needs to be able to look AND to see and this depends on certain personal conditions as a state of one’s development. Then maybe life can be perceived as art because one is relating and responding in a creative way to whatever shows up…

"We are the expression of an amazing artist." This is a beautiful poetic image. This image probably is coming out of the expression of an artist due to his experience within his process of personal transformation. Indeed there is something authentic expressed. If we are the expression of an artist, then we as an expression are representing and also expressing the artist: as the artwork and the creator are one and can’t be separated. They are only seen as separated due to a lack of perception. Obviously people are no artwork by themselves, but they can grow into it; then when they have completed the creative process within themselves. Yes, life is art: when we are artists of life…

Birthday Time

To reflect on New Year’s Day
And To reflect in a similar
Manner on one’s birthday…

New Year’s and Birthday Time are both
A good time to
Reconsider one’s life’s path
On one’s birthday, like on New Year’s,
One is reminded
Of turning a year older

One must also be reminded
One has also turned a year wiser
Like New Year’s
Birthday Time can be
A time to reviewAnd to revise and improve
One’s Present and One’s Future.

I Tried To Tell You

I tried to tell you I love you
but the words were hard to find.
I’m always thinking about you
you’re the only one on my mind.
Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face
I should learn to laugh and not to cry put yourself in my place.
There were times I tried to kiss you but something told me no.
You wanted me to hold you but I
kept letting you go.
I’m afraid that I am not the guy
you’ve searched for all these years.
I will kindly leave now don’t you cry
try to hold back your tears.
It’s been so long I haven’t seen you
for quite awhile
When I think of how we me met it only
brings back your smile.
I remember when I held you then and
told you we’d never part
I loved you then I love you now and
I’ll hold you in my heart.

Realizing Love!!!

I take a deep breath,
say four words and let my true tears fall,
when you answer me maybe this wont work at all,
friends we can still remain,
but since then no longer have i heard you speak my name,
felt your hand touch my palm,
heard your thoughts,
your deepest secrets that you hide,
I close my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek,
and I imagine the words you speak,
the words you say,
the games you played,
the options I’ve tried,
to attempt to keep our friendship alive,
as I’ve failed in all of the above,
I admit by chance maybe i just fell in love,
my heartbrakes and it aches,
I’ve never felt so depressed,
and yet all the time I wish for only the best,
I wish for love,
I wish for everything to go my way,
I wish that all this hurt and all this pain would all just fade away,
I feel alone,
So unloved,
And yet i wonder is this how its meant to be?
I wish i meant to you what you so fondly mean to me,
I close my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek,
And i imagine the voice you speak,
The words you say,
The games you play,
the options that i tried,
to attempt for our friendship to stay alive,
As i know that i have failed in all of the above,
I must admit i just fell in love.

Start Again!!! Huh!!!

I've started blogging since when I'm using friendster..but now that I have no friendster account and I can't edit my blog...I can't post new blogs...Daddy Joel advice to use blogspot...I'm putting here now my old posts on my friendster blogs...I can only view my friendster through the link on my dad's blogspot...Now..I'm starting to reconstruct my blogsite...huhuhuh..start again